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Faster Finishes Affordable Pricing  All Brackets Welcome

Request a video demo to see how it works!

Bonding Appointment featuring DIBS AI's non-stick, heat-sensitive trays for better clinical outcomes.


Streamlined Digital Workflow



Submit an Rx with your intraoral scans from any scanner

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Receive your Case Setup in a few hours. Then, review and approve.



Receive your Trays in 5 Business Days or Less. Then, bond!

Why Choose dibs ai?

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Affordable Pricing


Use Any bracket


a Patented tray design for better bracket placement

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What Clients Say

"Gotta be honest, it’s been one of the easiest workflow installs in my office. The turnaround for case setup is insanely fast, I’m not sure how you guys do it so fast to be honest. Well worth it."

- Dr. Don Murry


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  • Does DIBS AI accept my brackets?
    DIBS AI accepts ALL brackets with the exception of only 2 styles: Alexander and FAST brackets - both of which aren't adapted for use in a tray due to the "wings" in their design. We will request your prescriptions as one of the first steps in setup to correctly configure the DIBS AI platform to your prescriptions!
  • Do I buy brackets through DIBS AI?
    We don't typically sell brackets. We recommend you work with your bracket sales rep to have your brackets "drop-shipped" to us directly for your convenience.
  • Do the trays come with brackets inserted?
    You can either insert brackets in your office, or we'll do it for you as a FREE service. Simply have your bracket rep send us some of your inventory. We'll manage the brackets we receive, and let you know when it is time to reorder. The inventory is yours...we'll just store some of it for you!
  • What is the turnaround time to receive a case for Approval?
    Usually a few hours...we guarantee you will receive it in less than 12 business hours!
  • Does DIBS AI learn my habits and preferences?
    We offer different levels of service depending on your preferences: 1) A standard setup is based on ABO standards and requires more doctor interaction. ***COMING SOON*** 2) A custom setup that will place brackets based on a doctor's "treatment preference profile". This option is intended to cater to doctor treatment preferences and reduce the "digital time" doctors spend approving setups. 3) A custom setup along with tooth root integration for a more advanced root, bone, and airway visualization needs.
  • Is the software installed or web-based?
    Both options are available. The web-based version caters to doctors that prefer streamlined full service that includes 3D printing from either DIBS AI or another partner lab. Those who prefer to print their DIBS AI trays in-office will install on PC's or Mac's using Parallels.
  • What adhesives are recommended?
    The following are our recommended adhesives. We also have 2 Procedural Recommendations. Recommended Adhesives: Transbond XT (3M) LCR (Reliance) Goto (Reliance) Brace Paste (AO) Connect (GC) Procedurally, we recommend the following: 1. When applying adhesive, be sure to “butter in” the adhesive into the mesh of the bracket base. Most bond failures are between the mesh and adhesive. 2. If #1 above doesn’t work 100% – then you can also place a small amount of Primer on the bracket base before applying adhesive. Be careful to apply only a small amount to prevent running. Also, you should light cure the Primer before applying Adhesive!
  • How does DIBS AI handle broken brackets...are the trays reusable?
    The trays are reusable and are designed to be saved after bonding, and sectioned as needed for any future broken brackets! They will soften again when heat from the light cure unit is applied.
  • What are the key differences between DIBS AI and any other indirect bonding process?
    Most doctors don't indirect bond for a DIBS AI improved and simplified the process so it makes business sense! A few of those changes include: AI-driven software that uses a "start with the end in mind" approach - allowing for ultra precise bracket placement visualization based on the desired outcome, rather than pretreatment only. Simplified 3D printing process that is 80% more automated than previous digital indirect bonding systems. No need for doctors to change bracket prescriptions. Automated tray manufacturing that allows for the world's first 5 business day or less delivery times. Patented tray design that minimizes clinical issues for staff and doctors. Reasonable pricing that makes more sense for doctors.
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