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OrthoSelect announces Partnership with Relu to provide automated CBCT integration for DIBS AI Software

April 23, 2024 - American Fork, UT. OrthoSelect, a leading orthodontics software company

and digital orthodontics laboratory, announces a partnership with Belgium-based Relu to

integrate the award-winning, patented DIBS AI® software platform with the Relu® Engine CBCT visualization software. Using this system, practitioners can get a complete 3D view of their patients’ teeth, roots, bone structure, and airways for higher quality treatment planning and faster treatment outcomes.

The integrated system is powerful, yet easy to use and affordable:

Powerful: The combined DIBS AI and Relu® Engine platform allows practitioners to have

unprecedented views of their patients’ tooth and bone structures and model planned

movements for the entire tooth to shorten treatment time, minimize repositions and avoid such clinical problems as fenestrations, dehiscence and root collisions.

Easy to Use: Using the digital prescription form for DIBS AI, providers can simply drag and drop their patient’s DICOM® image from their CBCT scan to upload to the DIBS AI system. The DICOM file is then integrated with the intraoral scan and included with the case setup provided to the doctor for approval.

Affordable: The CBCT integration feature comes as an add-on option to DIBS AI and can be

selected individually for each case as needed without any contracts or commitments for a

minimum number of cases. Contact for further details.

The integrated platform feature will be available for DIBS AI users beginning in early May 2024.

In discussing the integration of Relu with the DIBS AI platform, OrthoSelect President Steven

Gardner stated, “We are thrilled to be working with Relu to further enhance the practice of

orthodontics and allow doctors to take treatment planning to the next level. We decided to work with Relu because our two systems complement each other so well, and the Relu platform is so polished and such a great technology.”

Relu CEO and Co-founder, Holger Wilhems added, “The partnership between DIBS AI and Relu is changing the game in digital braces. DIBS AI always impressed us by making it easy to turn regular brace treatments into digital ones. We're really proud that DIBS AI has added the CBCT power of the Relu® Engine, finally allowing orthodontists to see beyond the crown.”


The DIBS AI software platform simplifies and automates the process of orthodontic patient case setups and treatment. DIBS AI software creates predictive outcomes based on any desired bracket prescription so practitioners can truly begin with the end in mind. It also provides the flexibility to 3D print, either in-house or in our lab, extremely accurate bracket transfer appliances (commonly known as IDB trays). These advancements free up precious doctor, staff, and chair time by shortening bonding appointments by a third or more, as well as reducing overall treatment time through significant decreases in wire bending and bracket repositioning. The benefits in improved accuracy and time savings can result in a reduction of 25% or more of the orthodontist’s cost of treatment.

To learn more about how DIBS AI can transform your practice and to schedule a free demo,

please visit, call +1 801-763-5039, or email

For OrthoSelect media inquiries, please contact Milan Detweiler at:

DIBS has received FDA clearance under section 510(k) of the Federal Food, Drug, and

Cosmetic Act. DIBS AI has been patented with the USPTO, and is a registered trademark of

OrthoSelect, LLC.

About Relu

Founded in 2019, Relu has grown to a 15-person team with the vision to make orthodontic and

implant treatments safer and faster by empowering existing dental treatment workflows with new AI capabilities. Relu collaborates with major dental software companies in the US, EU, and APAC to make these technologies accessible to dentists. Relu is situated in Leuven, Belgium, near the EU’s capital, Brussels. For more info, visit

DICOM® is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its Standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.


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