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  • Ryan Williams

3 Secrets Of Highly Efficient Orthodontists

There are a wide range of treatment preferences used by orthodontists today. These preferences can result in some doctors achieving higher efficiencies than others. Even among doctors utilizing our DIBS AI platform, there is an efficiency gap. 

It begs the question: What do these high-efficiency doctors do differently than our other clients?

Let’s first recognize there are many reasons why some doctors may do more DIBS AI cases than others. We get it. 

But the answer to the question is still useful regardless of whether you do a large or small amount of traditional fixed braces!  Opportunities to boost efficiencies and profits exist regardless of the volume of business you do. So let’s dive into this question.

To keep this bite sized, let’s focus on just 3 Secrets of Highly Efficient Orthodontists.

Secret #1: The More Patients You Bond With DIBS AI The Easier It Is To Free Up Time In Your Schedule.

“[The] patient was done and out the door in less than 45 min.” – Dr. Dave Kujak

Imagine if all your bonding appointments were 45 minutes! How much more simple would it be to adjust your bonding appointment calendar and fit in more paying customers? (Remember: More customers…yet the same number of chairs, same staff, and the same paid hours per day)

Highly efficient DIBS AI doctors don’t pick and choose the “right” cases. Instead, they do every case they can so they don’t have to sacrifice chair-time. This way they can actually make the change to their bonding schedule and maximize their office, staff, and payroll.

This change commonly results in a 2X increase in the number of bonding appointments you can fit in – without working any harder!

Secret #2: Efficient Doctors Spend Only 2 Minutes On Case Approvals.

…I can now do most case setups in just a few minutes.” – Dr. Ed Lin

DIBS AI is disrupting the old business model of paying between $400 to $800 for custom case setups based on individual doctor preferences. The actual work needed by technicians for those setups is only about 20 minutes. Given a choice, most doctors prefer to save that $400 to $800 per case.

DIBS AI’s approach is simpler: Deliver a standard case setup that is ~80% ready for a doctor’s Approval and let the doctor (or staff) easily make the remaining ~20% with real-time adjustments in the software.

Highly efficient doctors further reduce the time needed to Approve cases down to 2 or 3 minutes by using a staff member to preview their cases. This smart approach allows a doctor to essentially focus on the few things that are typically missed by their staff which dramatically decreases the time needed for Case Approvals.

Voila! 2 Minute Case Approvals without the high fees others charge for “custom setups.”

Secret #3: Adjust The Occlusion In The Predicted Outcome During Case Approval.

DIBS AI has cut treatment time by a third…” – Dr. RJ Jackson

Highly Efficient doctors always look at the occlusion to avoid extra finishing steps later in treatment. They know that a quick look and a few adjustments at the beginning allows teeth to move more efficiently to shorten treatment time. 

It just makes sense to do it right the first time…

This “starting with the end in mind” approach is one of the secrets highly efficient doctors use DIBS AI to shorten finishing time and reduce the number of appointments needed.

  • Insights provided by: Ryan Williams, VP of Sales, OrthoSelect (August 16, 2023)


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